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Complaints Policy

Complaint Receipt and handling

On receipt of a written complaint, but no later than 7 days after receipt, Ebury will:

  • inform senior management;

  • nominate a person who was not directly involved in the matter to carry out an investigation (the complaint officer);

  • acknowledge the Complaint promptly in writing;

  • provide you with:

  • the contact details of any individual responsible for handling the Complaint;

  • key particulars of the Firm’s Complaints Handling Procedures; and

  • a statement that a copy of the procedures is available free of charge upon request

  • Consider the subject matter of the Complaint.

Upon conclusion of an investigation of a Complaint, we will promptly:

  • within 15 days of the complaint write to you to explain Ebury’s views on the matter and the action, if any, we propose to take
  • Resolutions can take up to 30 days
  • provide you with terms of redress, if applicable, and comply with such terms;

If you are not satisfied with the terms of redress offered, we will inform you of other avenues for resolution of the Complaint and provide you with the appropriate contact details upon request.

You can contact an Ebury Representative by using any of the following details: Telephone: +971 4 526 1555 Post: Compliance Department, Ebury Partners UK Limited Gate Avenue, South Zone, Level 1, DIFC Innovation Hub, Unit 162 & 164 Dubai, UAE Email: [email protected]